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Coalition of Silicone Survivors
COSSchildren is part of Coalition of Silicone Survivors - Boulder Collorado USA
November 2018
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Children of the Netherlands
Blood in a little bit silicone gel under a Bradford electron microscope. The blood is from a mother with rupturud silicone breast implants. It is clear to see that the blood protected  itself by a peel to envelop. Here is a case of an immune system that is familiar with migrant silicone in the system. If this woman had not ruptured or leaking silicone implants had been, there was no reaction on the gel. The two
photo´s show the blood of mother and daughter.
The American scientists Professor Shancklin PD. and his colleague Professor PD. Smalley made in the summer of 1995 through the world media known to have proven that the immune system of children born to mothers with silicone breast implants reacted on silicone. It was indeed that the killer cells recognize the substance and respond to it. If the substance was not present in the body there would be no reaction of the immune system.
The two scientists saw a fierce reaction of the immune system to silicone. This was proven that the substance was passed through the blood over the placenta by the mother for birth. In the spring of 1995, so 3 months earlier than the American scientists left COSS do a test on blood of the 8 year old Jannet. On a microscope glass slide added the scientist a drop of blood from her fingertip a tiny bit from an old silicone gel breast implant of the mother. A simple test simple to do.

The blood responded in a fraction of time very defensive on the silicone gel. It formed directly in contact with the gel a white scale to the embedded blood, such as the pictures show clearly. The blood was encapsulated with a shell of calcium. This reaction would not have been possible if the blood was not familiar with the added silicone gel. The result of this simple and easy test was scientifically confirmed by the above Professors, only three months later.

In the spring of 1995, we have published  this in the Dutch country newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. In spite of the clear charge to medical Netherlands, they remained dead silent to our address. It was chosen to no response or criticism to pass on the message. In this case they found silence the best attack.

After the producers of silicone implants by the judge in Birmingham USA were condemned to pay billions of slaughter sacrifices, there came from the whole world claims on these companies. Dow Corning, the largest producer, declared himself bankrupt to protect themselves against all these claims that could be submitted to a specific date.

Because all communication with this American Office and also the document care ran through a mv. B. we never faced the details of the claim up. We were part of this group. Known was already there in our country that dozens of children were born with abnormalities reported in mothers with silicone breast implants. According to mv. B. the case of the women went before. A mailing in the Netherlands, "Child and silicone", distributed by us to 1200 women, from which five and fifty 2nd generation victims came, disappeared in a drawer.

Through research on older facts of the silicone debacle we came on old news coverage from 1994 on the Dow Corning Settlement. On this information became clear who could sign up for a damage claim, namely:

1. all women who demonstrated to have become sick of their breast implants
2. all children born before 1995 in mothers with silicone breast implants.

The date in order to sign up as a claim owner is already years passed, payouts are completed. The money box of the Dow Corning settlement is empty now.
In my opinion the controlling authorities in our countries have never bin so busy for the child victims of silicone. Never whas there from the authorities any message that also with the children of women with silicone was something wrong.

But when for the Dow Corning Settlement on, command of the judge, also children of mothers with silicone are called, what evidence one must have that there is something wrong? Where should the right to compensation for the destroyed lives of these children by their mother's silicone implants now come from? Or should that also last  forty years, just like with their mothers? Proof is simple to find in simple search of blood of these children. The effect of Silicon on the human gear is in the science thoroughly researched, one is very familiar with it.

The disaster caused to women's is illustrative of all victims, adult or child. This operation will be on the development of the unborn child not lesser, but sure bigger. Silicone in the body of the mother affect in a negative way the development of the fetus in her womb (see also the diagrams under the button). The outcome for the innocent child after birth is a lifetime inescapable punishment. Dependence and deprivation (etc.) is their future. Refusing it any longer lining up the medical and political world against the potential dangers of silicone in the body, makes more and more victims among the population.

That you won´t have on your conscience as a sworn medic!

COSSkids of the Netherlands

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Micro sand into the bloodstream, pay attention also to the chains of platelets
                 For over 30 years long the controversy about the use of silicone for body
                 restorative, or corrective, medical interventions is far to its end. On the contrary,
                 he always, also in 2016, flares up again. The reason for this is that more and
                 more women complain about their health after the insertion of silicone breast
                 implants. Many of those women indicate that when they were correct informed
                 to that implants they would never have started with them.

                 Still keep the proponents of the use of silicone for medical purposes full that
                 the insecurity of the implants is never proven. But also the safety has never
                 been demonstrated. The women with complaints by their implants slowly find
                 yet more hearing for their health problems by silicone. It is by the controlling
                 auiorities in our country worthier credibility to dismiss as nonsense of the

                 In september 2016 the Dutch health care Inspectorate (IGZ) finally started
                 to see if the complaints of some 200 women in our country are well founded.
                 This action raises questions at COSSkids. The views of the IGZ have not
                 always been objective in the past 30 years. They also have during al thirty-year
                 of silicone debacle never had any feeling shown to the victims of these
                 implants. "It sits between your ears" was the general expression of the medical
                 world against women with complaints.

                 This phrase was inadvertently not far from the truth, with the clogging
                 properties of silicone in the vessels, lympnodes and organs. We shall in any
                 case continue a healthy mistrust of this new intention. We hope scientists
                 as the immunologist Dr. Cohen Tervaart, Mr Schoo and Mr Klein, that also
                 deal with the matter, the IGZ will force itself to scientifically supported
                 research. Also very important is the study of the plastic surgeon
                 Dr. Rita M Kappel and the pathologists Lucas de Boer and Henri Dijkman will
                 contribute as foundation for the IGZ research. 


In the TV program of Antoinette Hertzenberg "Zorg Nu (care now)" of
8 november 2016 on the effects of silicone migration through the whole body,
on the basis of the Dr. Kappel study, if IGZ/RIVM assistant ing. Mr. Robert Geertsma (IGZ/RIVM) tray to explain why during an examination of the technical files of 10 producers of silicone implants the dangerous substances D4, D5 and D6 was found in one of the 70 products and this still as safe is permitted on the market.

Giving awnsers on direct questions seems to be difficult, even the program was interrupted for questions that were confrontational. And the outcome on this study report was even faked. This is the supervisory body that controles the health consequences for the mothers with silicone implants? When Mr Geertsma refused to tell the name of the company, that whas not well purify silicone, stopped the conversation!

This makes the investigation of all 10 producers of silicone implants suspected!
We believe this makes the IGZ/RIVM totally unreliable as control instance on the Dutch public health. These "fraudsters" are actually paid from the taxes, to protect our population.
Where are these (UNRELIABLE) CONTROL AUTHORITIES AS IGZ and RIVM actually stand for?


We are no dokters, bud also for over three decades we know as experience experts that silicone from the implans of the mother is a substantial danger to the children born under these implants. And we are not alone in this knowledge.

What do we know with a hundred per cent certainty of silicone in the body.

1 Silicone breast implants do in time break down in the physical atmosphere.
2 In addition to (over)activation of the immune system, silicone and chemical
   additives migrate in to the female body.
3 This pollution accumulates in the organs and clog the thin blood vessels.
4 Trough the blood cells this pollution migrates over the placenta in to the uterus, and also in
   to the fetus, inside.
5 For decades, we know the adjuvant effects of silica in the human body.
6 Also we know the disruptive effects of silica on protein.
7 We are also familiar with the disease symptoms that silicone in mothers calls up, by the
   children we see many of the same complaints.
8 We also know that there are instance disorders caused by the influence of silicone and
   chemical additives on the developing child in the womb.
9 In the silicone-gel is made use of Ethanol. This additive affects the esophagus to stillende's
   children. Is this the possible cause of damage to the esophagus motility.

How many reasons and evidence, do the world need to take action against a medical device that in many women and their, after implantation born, children do develop disease and heavy handicaps.
There are plastic surgeons in Netherlands and Belgium who claim for over thirty years to be familiar with the pathogenic effects of silicone implants. Also speak about the early aging of the women with implants.

The placenta of the pregnant woman is unable to filter pollution out of the maternal blood so that the fetus can not be reached. By various scientists and also the famous Dutch neonatologist Janna Koppe from Amsterdam's AMC, was confirmed to us that long time ago already. We left blood of an eight year old girl examined by a Ayurvedic therapist in possession of a Bradford electron microscope linked to a Personal Computer. The blood photos on our website illustrate our find. It was scare when we saw the silicone particles in the blood  surrounded by a huge cytoplasm of calcium to isolate the pollution. Possible chemical pollution also surrounded with cytoplasm were many hundreds of times bigger than the platelets. It is not otherwise possible or this should form a barrierre in the hairvessels or organs and brains. Easy to see on a microscope that is present in each hospital at dozens.

But if you do not want to find something, than don't search.

Shortly after our observation of this fact above(that we can prove on photo's), this was confirmed by the American scientists Prof. David l. Smalley and Prof. Dr. Douglas R. Shanklin. They revealed that blood of children of silicone mothers responded to silicone. This was only possible when the immune system was familiar with this substance.
The pictures shown above are from  blood of a 8 year old girl born under ruptured silicone implants of the mother.
She is not been breastfed and had  never implants of herselve. These severe pollution can only be created  through the placenta.
Click on the image for a gallery of photos. Movement of the indicator shows you the corresponding text.
Plastic surgeon Dr. Rita M. Kappel
Douglas R. Shanklin
2nd Generation from

On our Dutch part of our website are many original reports and other important material in the English lanquest. You can find them on different pages.
Al Breast
Implants are
made of
Grade Silicon
Maria Comez 

I spent today
researching the
difference between
"industrial grade"
silicone and
"medical grade".
I did not come up with
a satisfactory answer
to my question. The
best I could find was
that medical grade
would be deemed so if
comparable to Dow's
medical grade of the
past. But Dow used
industrial grade and
only changed the
name on the barrels to
'medical grade' so
where does that leave
things? In 1989, a
curious Emanuel
Horowitz of Johns
Hopkins University
requested Dow’s
technical data and
standards on medical
grade implantable
silicone, and received
this reply from
Eldon Frisch of
Dow Corning;
“There is no general
agreement on the
standards for implant
grades of silicone
elastomers, or for
other applications.
Unfortunately, other
than allowing everyone
to say a standard has
been written.”
Horowitz responded,
‘The medical
application standard
has been written (by
Dow) but is hardly
worth the paper it is
printed on.’”
Hundreds of thousands of women in the United States are sick from both silicone breast implants aswell as double lumen prostheses. Many tens of thousands of children from these woman are registered by victim organizations and courts in the UNITED STATES, but the producers of implants remain deaf and blind. What applies to the USA, applies for the rest of the world. Also in the Netherlands as in the rest of Europe are children sick and handicapped by silicone from breast implants of their mother.
Maintaining this injustice is a medical crime.